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VISAGE by Valencia Photography Oklahoma portrait photography

When it comes to hiring a photographer for family photos

we wait for

the perfect time

the perfect reason

the perfect occasion

but the truth is we wait too long.


We settle for blurry cell phone photos for life's in-between moments



VISAGE by Valencia Photography Oklahoma photographer Cinderella Lawton Ballet Theatre

The truth is even the in-between moments deserve to be photographed

in a beautiful way. 


that certain expression he makes

or the way she smiles at you


VISAGE by Valencia Photography orchestra photo BRMHS

The muddy feet

the giggles

that you once heard all the time but as he grows

you hear less and less.

visage portraits oklahoma photographer

That soft spot behind his ear

her wind swept hair with the sun behind

the little toy car left behind the chair.

What are you waiting for?

There's not going to be a more perfect time than this.

There's no better reason.

Don't wait too long.  Today is the PERFECT day.

Those in-between moments are happening fast, they're happening all the time. 

Save them.



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Oklahoma Portrait Photographer Annabel Valencia 

video: moments that you can't get back - 3:25 sec.

A mother copes with the loss of a son

and a mom of three moves on after divorce.

Photos are a powerful reminder of life, love, and growth.

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